Sunday, June 6, 2010

"We were Young and Stupid"

I often hear that title in chick flicks wherein they were high school sweethearts.

They broke up and never talked to each other.

Then comes this one time, they were adults and mature enough to talk to each other.

They were happily talking until it reaches to the topic about their past relationship.

Then cue drama theme song or something and some flashbacks.

One will ask: "What happened to us?"

Then the other one will answer: "We were young and stupid."

Well, if this story is a romantic one, the first one will reply:

"Then I must still be stupid."

But if this story is nothing about them, then after their conversation, they will NEVER talk to each other EVER again.

Chick flicks.

Give every girl an ideal world they want to be in. 

It's very rare for a guy to watch a chick flick.

Because most of them can't relate.

The only way to get a guy watch a chick flick with you is when you trick him or something.

But honestly, I love guys who can watch chick flicks with girls.

They can get pretty good ideas on how the girl wants her love life to be.

Especially when the guy is watching the movie with the girl he likes.

In different scenes, he can study what the girl's reactions are.

How strong is the impact of the movie to the girl?

Take note of those things in his mind.

And his confusion about girls will lessen.

So gentlemen, watch CHICK FLICKS for educational purposes.

You might learn to improve yourselves.

And get the girl you like ;)

Good luck.

Chick flicks <3

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