Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fairy Tales EXPOSED! [A tragedy written for children]

So how about the story of the Little Mermaid?

I used to like this movie because it's a musical.

And Ariel's a pretty sexy red head.

It's the story about the fish-girl who fell in love with a human.

Let's get one thing straight, fish-girls or the so-called "mermaids" don't exist.

Got that?

Okay, moving on.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote the original version of this story.

Which is a darker version than Disney's.

On the part that the little mermaid goes to a sea witch.

The witch never gave her some magical transformation.

Instead she gave her a potion to drink.

Afterwards, she went to the shore to drink the potion.

She went to excruciating pain to have her tail split in to two legs.

Imagine that.

It's like splitting your.. uhh. never mind.

In Disney, I think the mermaid's goal was to get the prince's love without talking.

But in the real story, she has to get his love enough for him to FORGET his parents or she'll die.

I mean, come on!  Tough deal.

The prince did love her but not enough to forget his parents.

And also because he truly loves the girl who saved him when he was washed ashore.

Not the girl who saved him from drowning, which is the mermaid.

So prince promised mermaid that he'll marry her if he can't find that girl he truly loves.

Unfortunately, the prince finds his love in the nearby kingdom and marries her.

Leaving little mermaid standing by and watching him marry this other woman.

After the wedding, they are back at the ship to sail home.

The little mermaid's sisters appeared with completely bald heads.

They gave her a knife and told her that if she kills the prince with that knife,

His blood will give her fins so that she can go back home.

And the reason why they're bald? 

They traded their hair for the knife, of course.

Then little mermaid went to where the newly weds are sleeping to kill the prince.

Unfortunately, she can't.

So she flings herself and the knife to the ocean and turn into bubbles.

To put it simply,

She didn't get the prince's love.


It's a tragedy.

Written for children.


  1. ur so mean to kids,i think that you just dont have an imagination, so you dont believe in mermiads.Thx alot for ruining kids imagination and spirit.

  2. i actually like the version better it`s more realistic and i luv a good tragedy :3