Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Newer Perspective

Love is what almost everybody wants to have. People wanted to be longed for, to feel they belong, to be accepted and to feel special. But sometimes, some people see themselves not lucky enough to find those certain someone that can give them what they need - or in most cases, want. Sometimes, it’s because of this ideal person in their minds that narrows their perspective and hinders them from keeping in touch with other people they meet. In some cases, people tend to be very open-minded that it is because they don’t even know what they are looking for - that’s where dating comes in. People meet new people to add in their lives in hopes that they might find someone they are looking for, or even the right one. Most of them pass through trial and error. They get hurt, move on, and find another, but there are always instances that they just give up. With a lot of people hard to please these days because of their higher standards, they felt that dating should be a way of life to find, somewhere in the vast ocean of fishes, who they are looking for thus, making dating pretty popular.

The dating etiquette today has become more hassle-free for both sides. For example, on a dinner date in the past, the man usually pays for the bill. While today, splitting the expenses are commonly observed. But who needs a dinner date when there exists now the growing dating trend - online dating. One can find who they are looking for by just searching through the sites and chatting with those people they find interesting. In fact, when talking about online dating pros and cons, the cons always weigh more among societies, but not a lot really do care. Starting with the advantages, a person can meet another a thousand miles away. They can even find their ideal match based on the profile of these people. But here’s the catch, they’re not exactly sure if the personal info of that person is true. No one can be sure of it. Anyone can lie and especially come up with some petty excuses for it. What if that person claims to be 17 years old and turns out to be 32 in real life? Anyone can fall victim to it. If a person is looking for someone to fall in love with in online dating, that person must be absolutely positive that that person is real. Not made up, but existent. People who fall victim to these charades might regret it for the rest of their lives if they are that ignorant. I’d rather ask the person to meet me as soon as possible should I try dating online. If that person denies, then put them on the ignored list and find another. The internet does give a lot of choices, so why regret having to ignore a single person for denying your request to meet up? Bottom line is, although dating is superficial, it gives everybody a newer perspective.