Monday, June 7, 2010

Fairy Tales EXPOSED! [Have you tried wearing a glass slipper?]

Now, let me ask you.

Are you familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty?

How about Cinderella?

Little Red Riding Hood?

Hansel and Gretel?

Snow White?


I bet you are.

So let's start with Cinderella, shall we?

I'm not going to talk mean about her. 

Just let me tell some points about the original story.

First of all whoever heard of a glass slipper?

Ever tried wearing one? How could you possibly walk in one?

For one thing, you'd slip and fall if you don't break it as soon as you climb down the stairs.

There never was a glass slipper.

But there was a godmother but not the one with the wand, the magic and the wings.

And the stepsisters, actually, they were fine looking women and ugliness wasn't their problem.

Their problem was their spoiled attitudes.

And that they couldn't even take care of their appearances.

Oh and the part where the stepsisters force their huge feet into Cinderella's shoes,

They cut off pieces of their feet that don't fit.

Expect a bloody slipper.

I guess they didn't want Lotus Feet.

And so the story ends where the stepmother and the stepsisters got their eyes plucked out by birds.

But, still.

Happily ever after.