Saturday, June 5, 2010

Babies. What more to say?

Okay enough about zombies. 

Let's get to the other thing that scares me.


They are soft, adorable and surprisingly wet.

They are the cutest things alive!

Especially those chubby babies, you just wanna bite those cheeks off. Figuratively, of course.

They scare me.

First thing's first.

I'm a girl.

Yeah go look at my picture at the upper right - I AM A GIRL.


These little people comes out of us.

Sometimes, they'll come out at a very early age where we still don't have jobs.

But who can resist them? That's what makes them scary.

Just look at them.

They're staring back at you with those little beady eyes.

They look confused but you don't know that they're actually reading your mind.

One smile, they can melt your heart.

You'll never think bad of these little people.




In a cute way.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, babies sometimes scares me too. especially when holding them, then you smell something really bad. I think i would be responsible for the "smell" under the kimbies/pampers...