Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fairy Tales EXPOSED! [Narcissism is a BAD thing]

Now let's talk about the story of Snow White.

Her story's about a queen who hated her own daughter for growing more beautiful than her.

Selfish much?

You're jealous of your very own daughter?

Remember the part where the queen wanted some woodsman to vanquish Snow White?

The queen demanded the woodsman to deliver Snow White's heart.

The woodsman didn't have the guts to do that to her so he butchered a pig instead.

In the real story, the queen demanded for Snow White's heart, lungs and liver.

And when the woodsman delivered it, of course from a butchered animal,

The queen salts them down, cooked it, and ate it.

Imagine if that's Snow White's real organs.


Moving on,

The queen visited Snow White three times with a disguise.

First, she offered Snow White some "stay-laces" or corset.

Second, involves combing Snow White's hair.

Then the third, the poisonous apple.

But to prove that the apple was safe, the disguised queen even took a bite of the "white part" of the apple.

And let Snow White bite the red part.

So Snow White fell dead.

And she was buried in a glass coffin.

The prince came, he didn't kiss her.

Instead, he bumped or nudged the coffin and the poisoned apple piece fell out of Snow White's mouth.

She woke up from her death-like sleep and marries the prince.

They found out about the queen's plot so they punished her.

Her punishment was so cool it sends me shivers down my spine.

The queen was forced to wear a pair of metal shoes that were heated in the furnace until red hot.

It's called the dancing shoes.

Because she dances while wearing those fiery shoes until she falls dead.

See? Narcissism IS a bad thing.

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