Friday, June 15, 2012

Case Digest, First attempt at Law School

So today, I'm in law school. And the first ever case I did a digest on was People of the Philippines vs. Que Po  Lay. The first reading, I did understood, or so I thought. I made a digest of my own but then got to compare it with another digest in the net. I was surprised, I got some points right but the issue I failed to discover. I was asking myself how stupid could I be not to notice that. And of course, I had to forgive myself because it was my first attempt. 

The case was pretty easy because it was only two pages so I thought it could be a nice practice. Indeed, it was. There are still more room for improvement and I will let this be my starting point. Off to the other 6 cases, and wish me luck.

I have to admit, Law school is indeed hard, but it's fun. Learning all these things you never knew, at least if I manage to finish this, I won't be anymore guilty of Article 3 in the Civil Code of the Philippines. 

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